About The Founder

                    Picture Courtesy of  Beth Bradford

                    Picture Courtesy of Beth Bradford


Hello....I'm Arianna

Founder of Flower Girl Apothecarie 

After spending years after university burnt out & stressed out  , she decided it was time to take her health & wellness in a brand new direction.  Experimenting with different herbal preparations, she found herself sipping on herbal teas all day long at work (She is a huge tea aficionado)  and taking a  hard look at her everyday body products. The power of herbs and creating a self care ritual provided  the change she  was looking for in her mind-body-spirit balance so much that it spurred her to obtain certifications in both Aromatherapy & Western herbal medicine . Arianna continues to study and seek out all she can about these beautiful plants. 

Flower Girl  came to life as a way to share this form of self care  and platform to encourage others to fill their cup because we all know it's hard to pour from an empty cup .