Brewing a Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea

I received lots of questions on how to make our teas or loose leaf tea in general. I cherish that question because tea is a process and something to be savored.

Most of our tea blends are herbal and hot water is key to extract that active constituents / essence out of the plant that aid in supporting the body and also it offers a more well-rounded flavor as well  .

So, how do we make the perfect cup?

Scoop 1-3 teaspoons (or more if making more than 1 cup of tea)  of your favorite Flower Girl Apothecarie Tea into a strainer / tea ball or teapot .

Heat water until it just comes to a boil.

Place strainer/ tea ball  in your cup ( or your tea infuser or teapot with strainer, etc)

Pour hot water over herbs ( cover *) 

Steep for recommended time and then strain .

Optional: add in honey or desired sweetener

Enjoy your cup of tea 


TIP: Keep covered while steeping suggested length of time on the blend or longer for a stronger flavor.

Please note that some herbs like chamomile start to turn bitter the longer they are steeped.

*Additionally when cover the tea steeping , we increase the effectiveness of the botanicals by ensuring a full extraction and no plant power is lost through the steam coming off the mug .