+ Are Flower Girl Apothecarie products really 100% natural?

Yes! We only use natural ingredients (botanicals, herbs, salts and essential oils and plant based carrier oils) . This means absolutely no artificial fragrances, flavorings, or colorants . Any beautiful colors will come from nature itself and any pleasant aromas are naturally occuring from the plant itself or the aroma comes from 100% therapeutic grade essential oils .

+ Do you make all of your products in the U.S.?

Yes, Flower Girl Apothecarie products are hand mixed with love in small batches in the great state of Texas.

+ What makes your product different?

We set out to do everything with a specicifc intention and infuse our products with tons of love and prayer . We hope you feel all the good vibes heading your way !

+ Why are there different weights on your items ?

When blending herbs for teas and/or using them in our salt blends, we are working with leaves, flowers, berries and some roots. The roots and berries weigh more than the leaves and flowers and this is reflected in the different weights .

+Where do you source your ingredients?

We source ingredients from trusted environmentally-friendly resources. Our materials are often certified organic or virgin and many times fair trade certified as well . However sometimes we do work with small estate sand growers that are pesticide and chemical free , but cannot afford the organic ertification due to the exorbitant costs of certification) and cannot legally use the word "organic" . Having busineses and farmers we we work with paid fairly and producing excellent quality raw materials is really important to us. Occasionally we are able to obtain wildcrafted herbs and flowers and they will be noted as such on your product.

+ Why do you list the scientific Names/Latin names of the ingredients?

When applicable we lists the scientific names as sometimes with common names you can be referring to multiple plants . Sometimes the plants that have the same common name do not have the same functionality or even the same taste. We want our customers to be informed to make empowered decisions for themselves . ( On the safe side please check with with your healthcare provider of course)!

+An item in one of you products is more vibrant than a previous order or the picture.

We use items that occur in nature resulting in occaisonal variation in color and taste..

+ What's the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life varies by product, but they typically shelf life 6-12 months if stored properly. You can extend the life by keeping products out of direct sunlight and at room temperature

+I have a coconut allergy or a tree nut allergy/ sensitivity. Can I use your products?

We try to keep products as hypoallergenic as possible,-part of our motivation for Flower Girl Apothecarie is providing an coconut free option Many of our near and dear have sensitivities to some naturally occurring things so just be mindful of the ingredient lists of each product as it will vary . We do use seeds in some of our products which typically do not affect those whith tree nut allergies but always be mindful and check with a healthecare provider.

+ Why do your shipping rates seem high?

We use glass jars and bottles to house some of our products because glass is easily reusable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly . It also is impervious to chemical breakdown by essential oils if any product should contain any essential oils like bath and body products . However by using glass packaging this does make packages heavier. The other reason is that we ship USPS flate rate and with tracking/insurance for each order so we can ensure that each package arrives to location. We are #happymail people so we know what its like to be waiting for a package and you have no idea when its suppose to arrive. We will make every effort to keep shipping costs down while also ensuring no breakage.

+ How Long does it take for my order to ship ?

Since everything is made in small batches we typically ship orders out within 3-5 business days ( mon- fri). Once the items are shipped we will send you an email with tracking .

+I live outside the USA. Why can't I buy your products?

Flower Girl Apothecarie is a small company - So, it's very difficult to set up shipping solutions outside of the US . However we do not know what the future holds .... Hopefully we can expand soon.